The boats designed by Georgios Fragkoulis by reinterpreting the discarded materials and rewriting new scenarios for those objects which had a story in the past now decorate the homes and offices of art lovers from all around the world.


Georgios Fragkoulis is one of the representatives of “Junk Art” in Greece which has gained popularity in recent years and is about using old and waste materials to rewrite new stories for those objects. Living in Lesvos Island, Fragkoulis who also has an art studio and a shop there, collects wooden pieces, plastic materials, metals and old metal mechanisms which he finds on the beach, on the streets or in nature; and turns them into decorative pieces. Among the collectors and regulars of those objects which are all handcrafted and designed by waste materials are world famous names. While many businessmen and art lovers add these pieces designed by Fragkoulis to their collections, many request custom-made objects. The most admired transformation story created by the artist, who accepts orders through his website as well as his store, is his boats, each piece of which is designed with waste materials.


These boats are completely handcrafted stories which allow us to travel through time, dream and add new meanings to the past stories of others. These materials which were once a part of someone’s life before they were discarded change with the sun, rain, waves and they rust. And they come to life again in the hands of Georgios Fragkoulis…


Georgios Fragkoulis thinks that apart from their past, every material has something to tell about a magnificent journey. Therefore, these boats which he designs in different sizes resemble a sculptural object. Each piece represents immortality, rebirth and rebellion against perishment. He shows that the materials thrown in the trash or on the beach haven’t completed their life cycle yet and can be turned into works of art that will make you dream about the new.


About Georgios Fragkoulis


Georgios Fragkoulis was born in Molyvos. After graduating from an art school in Greece, he went to the United States where spent more than 10 years engaged in art. Following this, the artist came back to Molyvos and opened his own art studio. In addition to the custom orders, Georgios Fragkoulis, who has a store in Molyvos, also offers boats, decorative objects he made with waste materials, religious icons he draws and paints using certain techniques and special handmade jewelry.

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